If you want to make a purchase or sale via our study


Contact us to the following addressimmo@notalex.be
In order to facilitate the opening of your file, could you provide the following information:

-The double-sided copy of your identity card (s)
-The copy of your booklet and your possible marriage contract
-The copy of your possible declaration of legal cohabitation
-The VAT number if you are subject to it or have been, professionally or occasionally, in the last five years preceding that day.
Specify if you wish to apply for a mortgage loan to acquire the property; in which case, do you want a suspensive condition for obtaining credit to be inserted in the sales agreement?

You can benefit from the registration fee reduction in the Brussels Capital Region provided that you do not already own a building used for housing, that you commit within a legal period of two years to establish your place principal residence in the property acquired and that you commit to maintain your principal place of residence for five uninterrupted years in the property acquired. You must therefore let us know if you meet all these conditions. (Discounts and rebates exist for purchases in other regions as well)


If you wish to constituate or / and modify the statutes ou your company or simply information or for the return of the registry


Please contact our office societe@notalex.be 

Copies of acts

If you want to receive the copy of an act.

Please send an email to the following address : info@notalex.be
A copy of an act may be issued only to a natural or legal person who is a signatory of that act or who comes to the rights of that person, for example by succession.

Please justify your quality by requesting a copy of an act by sending us a copy of your identity card.

You will be asked the copy fees before sending.